Large  Pizza 13 Inch / Heat & Eat


Supreme $12.00

Ham, Pepperoni, Cabonossi, Mushroom, Onion, Capsicum, Pineapple , Mozzerella Cheese, Pizza Base


Meat Lovers $12.00

Pepperoni Ground Beef, Bacon, Bbq Sauce , Mozzerella Cheese,Pizza Base


Ham And Pineapple $12

Ham And Pineapple, Mozzerella Cheese, Sauce ,Pizza Base


Ham And Cheese $12

Pizza Sauce, Ham And Cheese, Mozzerella Cheese, Pizza Base


Margarita $12.00

Pizza Sauce, Mozzerella Cheese

Pizza Options

  • All options are heat and eat 

  • Order by 1pm for next day delivery. Any orders after this cut-off time will be delivered following day. If you would like to pick-up, please select pick-up option.